Jeanne Lyons’s passion is coaching successful women in mid-life. Having walked the path of a mid-life career change herself, while being at the pinnacle of her field, will at least help her to soften any blows. She understands the gut-wrenching apprehension involved in making a career change.


Her broad Western medical training, more than 25 years managing groups of up to 130 multi-national personnel, and extensive regulatory and compliance knowledge gives her a unique perspective on holistic, energetic, and Eastern practices which complement her coaching. Jeanne has presented original papers across the United States and Europe and managed budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.


Educational credentials include BA in medical technology, certified trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, and certified Integrative Coach by the Association for Integrative Psychology.


She has a passion for the arts, which feeds her soul. She has supported the community by being an ambassador for the chamber of commerce and an officer for various non-profit arts boards. She delights in helping others accelerate their mid-life career change success.

Life Transformation Book


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“Jeanne Lyons is a contributing author in our next “Overcoming Mediocrity – Influential Women” book. What’s in your YOU-niverse? Does it take a whack on the side of your head to recognize and find your life’s purpose? This story takes you from grief and despair to triumph. It teaches you that you can achieve peak to peak experiences while receiving a jolt to the side of your heart. Change does not have to strike fear in you and it is never too late to begin again. You can be whoever you want in your YOU-niverse. Can’t wait to share her incredible story!!!”

– DPWN Publishing

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