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Do you long for the time, financial freedom, and fear a midlife career change? Jeanne’s programs are designed to accelerate the learning curve in making a midlife career change by breaking through the limiting beliefs of:

``I'm not good enough.``

``I'm too old.``

``Do I really want to start over?``

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Jeanne works with successful, professional women who feel “stuck” “trapped” or “unsure”: women who have had the joy knocked out of their career and want to grow into their gifts, create a new paradigm, and leave a legacy. Her coaching packages and signature program, “Burnout to Bliss”, allow her clients to get the courage, clarity and confidence to step up, find their voice, and feel joyful again. Whether you want to change jobs, change careers or start your own business Jeanne will provide the support you need to know exactly what to do next and the number one thing that is stopping you.

It’s never too late to have an encore. There are golden years to be lived! If your job has become a burden and you are dissatisfied, bored, and burned out, let Jeanne help you find the plan to move you forward

Conquer Your Fears

Defeat obstacles, overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity, set goals.

Have Peak to Peak Experiences

Own your gifts, eliminate false stories, and get the excitement back in your career.

Identify Your Passions

Overcome the discomfort of stepping up, find your sweet spot, and get closer to your soul dreams.

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