End of Year

Only 3 Spots Available

Do you want to wake up on New Year’s Day 2020 looking at the same job you’ve been doing for the last umpteen years over and over and over again?


Do you wonder if this is your destiny?


Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have that career with meaning and purpose you deserve?

To help you get the answers to these questions I have come up with an exciting offer: a concentrated, accelerated, deep dive to help you reach your career decision goals before the end of the year. It’s called:



“New Year, New Career VIP Session”



and I’m offering it to 3 people as my End of the Year Special for more than 50% off!



This VIP day is perfect for you if you are still working and want to accelerate your career decision efforts or if you are feeling the pull to begin not only the New Year, but the new decade with a new direction.



You know, I’ve been there too. There’s been meaningful jobs. Afterall, I’ve been in healthcare for many years providing support for diagnostic and life-saving decisions as well as for new cutting-edge drug development. I just never felt it was my purpose. It wasn’t until I was studying for my coaching certification that I was able to put the two halves together and have both meaning and purpose in my career and it is my wish for you to have it too.

This transformational experience is for you if:


        • You are struggling to drag yourself in to work because you’re not sure you can face even one more day on the job.


        • You’re fearful you don’t even have the faintest idea of how to begin to find a new career.


        • Your relationships are suffering both at work and at home because your unhappiness is spilling over.


        • You think what you are doing now is the only thing you know how to do.


This experience is NOT for you if:


        • You are content with your day-to-day work life.


        • You are not willing to look deeply inside yourself.


        • You have no sense of urgency to make a change.


    Here is what you’ll get with your deep dive VIP session:


    Clarity on where you are, your strengths and challenges and where you want to be.


    Your career with meaning and purpose design steps.


    Worksheets and assignments.


    Recordings of the entire session.


    Create a strategy.


    Recommendations for execution.


       It doesn’t have to be normal to hate going to work.

       It doesn’t have to be normal to be so exhausted at the end of the day you want to just go to bed so you can wake up only to be exhausted again.

       It doesn’t have to be normal to stuff our frustrations by overeating.

       It doesn’t have to be normal to be too tired to eat.

       It doesn’t have to be normal to be short-tempered with family, friends, and colleagues.

    Let’s create a new normal together

    Here’s the VALUE you will get for what might be the biggest decision you make this year and this decade:
    • VIP Half Day Session

    • Bonus: 30 Minute Follow-Up Call

    • Bonus: Signed copy "Overcoming Mediocrity-Influential Women"

    • TOTAL

    • You Pay Only

    • or 2 Payments (each)


    Are you ready for your legacy career?

    If you’re ready to wake up joyfully and think I get to go to work today and not I have to go to work today let’s book a chat to see if we are a good fit to work together and if this valuable offer is right for you.

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